A Snapshot of how your direct monetary donations to Plumb Place are used: April 2017 to April 2018

Over that 12-month period, we received $16,542.96 in individual contributions. Thank you Emporia!

We use your donations as vital funds to match our grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

What YOU bought for the women who call Plumb Place home with that $16,542.96 (as a partial match to grant funds)
Intensive Case Management and Life Skills, Art Therapy, and other direct resident support: $9,946.68
Maintenance: $2,757.24
Property Insurance: $1,994.85
Electricity: $1,874.82
Repairs: $1,414.72
Gas: $938.80
Resource Room materials: $751.92
Worker’s Compensation: $366.60
Food: $149.68
Bus Passes and/or Taxi Tickets: $108.57
Work uniforms: $40.16
Overnight manager: $34.05 

In addition to monetary donations, Plumb Place is grateful to receive an abundance of clothing, hygiene items, cosmetics, furniture, books, miscellaneous household goods, bedding and food! Our in-house food pantry is almost entirely stocked by donations. These non-monetary donations, as well as volunteer hours, serve as in-kind match for another of Plumb Place’s funding sources, the Emergency Solutions Grant. 

Though the donations received each month varies, a snapshot of a given month can be seen in May 2018. During this month, Plumb Place received $5,146.00 of non-monetary donations.

Interested in learning more about how Plumb Place is funded or how to donate? Please call 620-342-1613 or Contact Us.