Dating back to the 1870s, Plumb Place was the family home of Emporia founding father Preston Plumb.

Mr. Plumb became a U.S. Senator and while he spent most of his time in Washington D.C., Mrs. Plumb kept the home and children while becoming active with issues pertaining to women. 

Sen. Plumb died in the early 1890s while in office. Mrs. Plumb oversaw a massive remodel of the home; adding the pillars to the front of the home and also adding a third-floor ballroom. When Mrs. Plumb died in 1920, the Plumb heirs thought it would be appropriate to donate their family home to the YWCA to be used as a home for women. The family also donated $20,000 to move the carriage house forward and convert the space into sleeping rooms. 

Plumb Place has remained a refuge for women since 1921.


Plumb Place 1910